Strand Arkitektur was founded in 2013 on work in architecture, interior design and outdoor environment. The office is working mainly in small to medium scale projects, ranging from vacation houses and villas to smaller housing and commercial projects. Johan Strand is a licensed architect SAR/MSA and certified Kontrollansvarig enl. PBL.

Our philosophy is about embracing the place, creating harmonious rooms to love, inside and outside, for humans and animals alike.

We believe in the original way of working as an architect, being a driving force throughout the entire project, both at the drafting table and on the building site. Strand Arkitektur is working closely with highly skilled craftsmen and building engineers, shaping the architectural details in collaboration to ensure their quality and character. That´s why our work usually ends with a built house rather than just a sketch and a building permit. We also draw valuable experience from our own self-build projects, hard to acquire elsewhere.

The built environment is a huge part of human impact on the planet. As a consequence, our ambition is making architecture that doesn´t create a bigger footprint than necessary, and at its best one that can even contribute to sustainability through ecosystem services, water treatment, low energy consumption or protection against solar radiation. Social sustainability is also on our radar, mainly manifested through housing and commercial projects.

Our method is based on analogue work with pen and paper and building blocks, but also embracing 3D-modelling and VR, offering a full range of opportunities to our clients.